FIU: Researchers have traced the evolution of glowing shrimp

FIU: Researchers have traced the evolution of glowing shrimp

FIU:  Researchers have traced the evolution of glowing shrimp

FIU researchers have traced the evolution of bioluminescence in deep-sea shrimps.

The study, led by marine scientists Juliet Wong, Jorge L. Perez-Moreno and Heather Bracken-Grissom in the FIU Department of Biological Sciences, is the most comprehensive study of evolutionary relationships between deep-sea shrimps to date. Specimens were collected from the Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic Ocean, Spain, Vietnam, the Philippines and Taiwan and comprise 30 species of deep-sea shrimps.

Bioluminescence is the production of light by a living organism and essential to survival, particularly in the deep sea where light is limited. Bioluminescence in the deep sea is greatly understudied due to the difficulties associated with conducting research at great depths and to the challenges associated with collecting specimens without damaging them as they are brought to the surface.

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