FSU researcher to be featured on “Shark Week”

FSU researcher to be featured on “Shark Week”

FSU researcher to be featured on “Shark Week”

Florida State University researcher Dean Grubbs, an expert in the biology of coastal and deep sea sharks and their relatives, and a group of his students will be featured during “Shark Week” airing on the Discovery Channel.

Grubbs, the associate director for research at the FSU Marine & Coastal Laboratory, and his students will appear on the “Alien Sharks” episode at 10 p.m. Monday, July 6. A Discovery Channel crew tagged along with Grubbs’ team last spring to film the footage. Joining Grubbs on the cruise were also FSUCML researcher Chip Cotton, FSU students Bianca Prohaska, Johanna Imhoff, Ryan McKenzie and Alejandra Mickle, and University of North Florida students Arianne Leary and Amanda Brown.

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