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"To provide a cost effective, ultra-high speed, inter-connected, broadband service delivery network that enables Florida’s higher education institutions and partners to collaborate, connect, utilize and develop new innovative broadband applications and services in support of their scientific research, education, and 21st century economy initiatives."
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Broadening the Reach NSF Workshop (3)
Sept. 4–5, 2014
Raleigh, North Carolina
Inside the teenage brain: New studies explain risky behavior
Opens its New Regional Campus in Puerto Rico on Aug. 28
Florida Tech-Led Team Awarded Grant to Test Camera on International Space Station
New wet laboratory facilities at the USF Research Park
Researchers discover a “switch” in Alzheimer’s and stroke patient brains
GM donates state-of-the-arts vehicles to Automotive Program
Istation to Track Literacy Performance
Many at-risk heart disease patients lack guidance on beneficial aspirin treatment
expansion to 86 acres receives boost from county commissioners
\'Bionic Arm\' Captivates Nation; Blueprints Now Online
Consortium Research & Education Network Helps Transmit FIFA World Cup in 8K from Brazil to Japan)
Researchers Identify First Set of Unnamed Dozier Remains
Heat wave offers glimpse into climate change
Talk new plans for international research school
Innovation Institute launches Center for Cybersecurity
A building boom is expanding classroom space, labs, & providing exciting new amenities.
Researchers find new molecule to treat asthma
Florida Power & Light donates electric vehicle for wireless charging research
$2.5 million this year from the state to complete its Bay Pines Learning Cente
New Urgent Care Center to Open on Campus of Leesburg Regional Medical Center


Florida’s Research and Education Network

The Florida LambdaRail (FLR) is an independent research and education network owned and operated on behalf of the FLR partner institutions and affiliates of the Florida LambdaRail, LLC, a not-for profit limited liability corporation.

Created to facilitate advanced research, education, and 21st century economy initiatives in the State of Florida, utilizing next generation network technologies, protocols, and services, FLR provides opportunities for Florida university faculty members, researchers, and students to collaborate with colleagues in-state, across the country, and around the world.

Research In Florida

Sanford-Burnham: 10 facts you should know about prostate cancer
FSU: NIH grant may unlock Alzheimer’s mystery
FIU: Cloud forests struggle to keep pace with climate change
Sanford-Burnham: Directing cancer cell migration
UM: NASA’s Weightless Wonder
USF: Marijuana compound may offer treatment for Alzheimer’s disease, USF preclinical study finds

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FLR Spotlight

USF Connect welcomes 8 new companies
NSU Opens its New Regional Campus in Puerto Rico on Aug. 28
Valencia Students Create Portable Solar Generators for Needy Villages
FAU Extends Program That Reduces Hospital Readmissions With the Potential to Save Billions in Healthcare Costs to Assisted Living Communities
NSU: Financial Gift to Help Expand Program for Children with Autism
First Ever Glassdoor Curriculum Integration Occurs at UCF

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