Affiliates are non-equity participants using FLR services. Our Affiliates obtain services either through a direct connection to the network infrastructure or through a FLR Equity Partner or another Affiliate’s network.

To become an affiliate, an organization must meet one of the following conditions and be approved by the FLR Board of Directors:

  • Be an educational institution (i.e., private, non-profit educational institution, Florida public university, community college, for-profit college, or public/private school);
  • Be an integral not-for profit participant in a Florida 21st century economy initiative;
  • Be in collaboration with a FLR participant in support of research, education, or 21st century economy initiatives provided such participation does not jeopardize FLR’s non-profit status;
  • Facilitate connecting government entities that do not conflict with the purpose of FLR.

Public Universities

State Colleges

Private Higher Education

K-12 Education

Other Education


Health Care


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Community Anchor Institutions

1 – Connection provided through Palm Beach County
2 – Connection provided through Florida State University
3 – Affiliate is a part of the FL Dept. of Education