Florida LambdaRail (FLR) is Florida’s independent statewide research and education fiber optic network.  FLR is owned and operated on behalf of its partner institutions and affiliates and is dedicated to producing knowledge and prosperity within the state of Florida through education and research activities that drive our members’ 21st century economy initiatives.

Utilizing next generation network technologies, protocols and services, FLR facilitates collaboration and academic, scientific, educational, and clinical application development through high-speed communications.  FLR brings together people, resources, and information, enables resource aggregation and sharing over large distances, and fosters innovation and discovery.

FLR’s 1,540 miles of fiber provides direct connectivity to a wide range of domestic and international networks, including AMPath International Exchange Point located in Miami, and the Internet2 networking infrastructures. High performance services are optimized for innovative and competitive advantage, placing FLR in the forefront of educational and research activities that lead to a diversified and knowledge-driven 21st century economy.