Internet2 provides a number of resources for its members to help enhance research and maximize network performance.

Deepfield Analytics

Deepfield Analytics helps campus and regional networks analyze and correlate their data into useful and timely reports can help shape network-related investments and support decisions in such areas as cloud service usage, traffic engineering, and optimization of costs and resources.

As a benefit of Internet2 higher education primary network participation, I2 members can now take advantage of this network analytics service hosted by Internet2. This service uses Deepfield technology to track, analyze and model Internet2 network telemetry.

This cloud intelligence solution will allow you to track, model and visualize your use of the Internet2 Network. Predefined reports help you shape your network, traffic and cloud decisions, and provide information for grant applications, statutory reporting requirement, and a variety of other needs. Custom reports and queries allow you to drill down and look at specific traffic or use case information.

Research Wave Program

The Research Wave Program provides dedicated access to Internet2 Network services at a reduced cost for a limited period of time. Through the program, researchers can run short-term experiments much more nimbly, making it easier to try out new ideas and innovative approaches that can then grow into funded projects and collaborations.

Network research projects can use the program to test their protocols and algorithms on experimental test beds before deploying them on permanent network infrastructures. Discipline scientists can request infrastructure for specific, fixed-time projects and grant proposals, as well as for demonstrations at conferences and workshops. And in a limited number of cases, program resources can be used to support existing, persistent, meritorious research projects that are exploring the frontiers of their fields.

On the recommendation of the Internet2 Research Advisory Council (now Research Advisory Group), the Research Wave Program makes available to the research community four channels out of the 88-channel optical system on every segment of the Internet2 backbone lit by Internet2. Researchers can use these dedicated resources to test different types of infrastructure and services, providing concrete information on what services fit best with their specific applications.