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FLR2016-LegislativeCover 2016 Legislative Session
100 GB Press Release
Florida LambdaRail Brochure - April 2015

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flr-uf-i2-2014-icon UF FLR I2 Global Summit Presentation - 04/07/2014
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Florida LambdaRail - 10/29/2013
The Florida LambdaRail Today, The Future is Here (September 2006)
Emergency Preparedness: Data Preservation and Business Continuity (July, 2006)
Disaster Planning and Recovery (February, 2006)
Leveraging the National LambdaRail: The Road to Ron (2005)
Florida LambdaRail - Corporate Brochure (2005)
Florida LambdaRail - Service Offerings Brochure (2005)
The PNWGP Advisory Council Meeting (November 15, 2005)
Tallahassee Technology Alliance (December 4, 2003)
The 3rd Quilt Optical Networking Workshop (June 2005)
Florida Community College CIOs (April 21, 2004)
Leveraging the NLR: Creation of the Florida LambdaRail", EDUCAUSE 2003 (November 5, 2003)
Florida Association of Educational Data Systems (FAEDS) conference (October 29, 2003)
Research and Education Networking in Florida (June 3, 2003)
"Leveraging the NLR: Creation of the Florida LambdaRail" (EDUCAUSE 2003)
"National LambdaRail - light the future"
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11/18/2014 Getting Started With Incommon
Facilitator: Warren Curry
InCommon operates the identity management federation for U.S. research and education, and their sponsored partners. The federation provides a common framework for trusted shared management of access to online resources. Through InCommon, Identity Providers can give their users single sign-on convenience and privacy protection, while online Service Providers control access to their protected resources.