Equity Partners
Equity Partners are accredited investors and owners of FLR, LLC. Equity Partners are 501(c) (3) tax-exempt entities or public corporations that are either private, non-profit educational institutions or Florida public universities with an interest in collaborating and participating in FLR and Internet2. FLR has 12 Equity Partners (9 public universities and 3 private universities):

Affiliates are non-equity participants using FLR services. Affiliates obtain services offered by FLR either through a direct connection to the network infrastructure or through an FLR Equity Partner or designated Affiliate’s network. Potential Affiliates are subject to FLR board approval and must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Be an educational institution (i.e., private, non-profit educational institution, Florida public university, community college, for-profit college, or public/private school);
  • Be an integral not-for profit participant in a Florida 21st century economy initiative;
  • Be in collaboration with a FLR participant in support of research, education, or 21st century economy initiatives provided such participation does not jeopardize FLR’s non-profit status;
  • Facilitate connecting government entities that do not conflict with the purpose of FLR.
  • Currently, FLR has 51 affiliates