FLR is able to make available DUO Security’s two-factor authentication tools to FLR members and affiliates. At present, these tools are available to institutions of higher education only.

Higher Education Members and Affiliates interested in learning more about deploying DUO Security should first contact:

Maddie Webb
Account Executive
Email: maddiew@cisco.com or mwebb@duosecurity.com
(402) 960-5593
Maddie will be able to walk you through the technical requirements and will be able to give you a quote for FLR pricing.


Once you’re ready to place an order, you will need to contact Lance Taylor at FLR to initiate the procurement process:
Lance Taylor
Chief Operating Officer
Email: Lance.Taylor_at_flrnet_dot_org

Lance will be available to answer any questions you may have related to the pricing and terms of the current CISCO DUO agreement.

About DUO Security: (https://duo.com/why-duo)

Duo combines modern two-factor authentication with advanced endpoint security solutions to protect your users from account takeovers and data breaches. It has never been easier to provide your end user’s secure access to your sensitive data, while giving you the insight you need to make sure that they’re accessing it from up-to-date and authorized devices.

About DUO for Education: (https://duo.com/solutions/industry/education)

More about Two-Factor Authentication: (https://duo.com/solutions/use-case/two-factor-authentication)