Florida LambdaRail is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of representatives appointed by its Equity Partner Institutions.  The Board of Directors provides strategic direction, leadership and oversight.

FLR represents the common interests of Florida’s educational and research communities in the goal of providing Florida with robust, high-capacity network infrastructure and services.

Board of Directors

Mr. Tom West, Chair

Vice President and CIO • Nova Southeastern University

Mr. Robert Grillo, Vice Chair
Vice President and CIO • Florida International University

Mr. Jeff Durfee, Secretary
Director, Networking, Systems & Security • University of North Florida

Mr. Ernie Fernandez, Treasurer
VP, IT Infrastructure • University of Miami

Mr. Jason Ball
Associate VP and CIO • Florida Atlantic University

Ms. Mary Banks
Associate VP & CIO,  Computing Services • Florida Gulf Coast University

Ms. Jane Livingston
Associate VP, CIO • Florida State University

Mr. Elias G. Eldayrie
Vice President and CIO • University of Florida

Mr. Sidney Fernandes
System Vice President/CIO, USF Health IS • University of South Florida

Dr. Joel Hartman
Vice President and CIO • University of Central Florida

Eric Kledzik
Vice President for Information Technology • Florida Institute of Technology

Mrs. Sandra Thompson
Director of Networking and Telecommunications • University of West Florida

Mr. Joseph Lazor, (ex officio, non-voting)
Chief Executive Officer • Florida LambdaRail

Mr. Eugene Kovacs, (at large, non-voting)
Assistant Vice Chancellor and CIO • State University System of Florida Board of Governors

Mr. Dayaghan T. Pendharkar, (at large, non-voting)
Vice President, Office of Information Technology • Hillsborough Community College