FLR has negotiated favorable contract terms with both Lenovo and DDN for members and affiliates interested deploying long-term on premise data storage.

  • Solution priced at < $25/terabyte/user/year
  • Available to all FLR equity partners and affiliates as well as SSERCA members
  • Service procured directly from the vendor using the FLR Master Agreement
  • 5-year agreement w/ 4-year price hold (EFFECTIVE DATE: MARCH 2017)
  • View the Master Agreements for DDN & Lenovo
Lenovo – (Storage Catalog)
Doug Beary
Lenovo High Performance Computing Sales
Lenovo United States
Email: dbeary_at_lenovo_dot_com
George Jones
DDN VP Academia Sales
DataDirect Networks, Inc
Tel: 727.412.4537
Email: gjones_at_ddn_dot_com

For additional information on these or other FLR services, please contact

Lance Taylor
Florida LambdaRail, LLC
Email: Lance.Taylor_at_flrnet_dot_org