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[html css=”margin-top:0px;”]SecureWorks

FLR has joined with Dell SecureWorks to make available their suite of network security solutions to FLR members and Affiliates at preferred FLR pricing.

About Dell SecureWorks (https://www.secureworks.com/about):

Delivering Intelligence-Driven Security Solutions and Expertise

As a world leader in security solutions, we go to great lengths to provide you with an early warning system for evolving cyber threats, enabling you to prevent, detect, rapidly respond to and predict cyberattacks. In fact, more than 4,200 clients in 59 countries trust us to protect their operations and information from today’s most advanced security threats–a trust we earn every day.

With SecureWorks, you get unparalleled visibility to identify potential threats in all critical areas in your IT infrastructure, along with actionable, intelligence-driven insights powered by the SecureWorks Counter Threat Platform–our advanced data analytics engine.

Our Business
We have provided trusted security solutions to organizations of all sizes since 1999
We maintain a global presence to counter a global threat, operating five Counter Threat Operations Centers processing up to 160 billion cyber events daily
Intelligence developed by the SecureWorks Counter Threat UnitTM (CTU) research team enables us to provide you with unparalleled protection against today’s threats

SecureWorks offers information security services that include:

  • Managed security
  • Consulting
  • Intelligence
  • Incident response
  • Compliance

For more information and pricing, contact Kevin Seymour via (email) or call him at (386) 341-9836. More information about SecureWorks is available at www.secureworks.com[/html]