Shared Services – FLR Bluejeans – FAQ

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To Schedule a Meeting

  1. Complete the “Schedule Meeting” form.
  2. List participants to receive an email invitation, including yourself.
  3. Click the Schedule button to save the meeting.
  4. Your scheduled meeting is now ready for access.

To reduce/eliminate echo (or audio feedback)

  1. Avoid dialing into the meeting from a telephone in the same room with your video endpoint (browser, lync, room system, etc.).
    • Use the audio portion of that endpoint to talk and listen, instead of dialing into the meeting from a telephone.
    • Similar issue if multiple computers/room system endpoints are in the same room. Only one device should be used for speaker and mic (all others should be muted).
    • If using built in speakers in your laptop:
    • Lower the speaker volume, or
    • Add an external speaker with built-in echo cancellation. Place speakers far away from the laptop mic and reduce volume to a comfortable level.
  2. If using an external microphone, move the microphone away about a foot away from the speakers.
  3. Adjust your mic/speaker settings from your computer control panel:
    • Reduce or turn off the microphone boost option.
    • Disable all speaker (playback) enhancements (see picture below).
  4. Avoid typing on an unmuted mic and step back from the laptop when using handsfree mode.
  5. Some computers have an echo cancellation feature but it could be compromised on high CPU load. Closing a few processes can help enable that feature.
  6. If nothing else works, using a headset or headphones instead of speakers will eliminate echo.

Sharing content and presentations

  1. From a Web Browser, click “share screen” icon, then click the “Share my screen” bar.
  2. From h.323 room systems, connect your laptop to the room system via VGA/DVI/HDMI interface. Click the “Content” button to start sharing.
  3. From Lync, select “Share” from the Lync menu bar, then select desired content to share from desktop. Content appears in content window and far-end video can be seen in the Lync video window.  Local video window is also visible and can be moved if desired.


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