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Internet2 NET+ Services program provides Internet2 member organizations, including non-profit higher education institutions, K-12 institutions, and other non-profit research and education entities such as research laboratories and libraries, access to a portfolio of “above the network” cloud-based services, designed or tailored specifically for the research and education community.

These services are all delivered over the Internet2 high performance network and leverage the secure and privacy-preserving InCommon federated identity management services.

NET+ Portfolio

Internet2 NET+ service catalog has offerings in five general domains:

  • Infrastructure Platform and System Security as a Service
  • Software as a Service: Academic, Research, and Administrative
  • Video, Voice, and Collaborations as a Service
  • Trust and Identity: Research and Scholarly Identity Services (including InCommon)
  • Digital Content for Research and Education

All Internet2 Net+ services are available to Internet2 higher education members. Some services will be available to members of Partner (regional and global) research and education networks. Additionally, a limited number of services will be available to certain types of non-profit organizations that are not members of either Internet2 or NET+ Partners

  • Institutions that are members of Internet2 may use these services at the most favorable pricing. Contact netplus@internet2.edu for more information.
  • FLR Affiliates will be able to use these services at slightly higher pricing. The details of this program are still under discussion, and an announcement will be made when the program is finalized.

Internet2 NET+ services program is described in more detail at http://www.internet2.edu/netplus/